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Silver Tulip

Spread in a vast area of 450-800 sq. yds., Mittal’s Silver Tulip is a boon for those who cherish independence and relish privacy. These two storeyed edifices of magnificence show your opulence in concrete. They are designed for optimum space utilization and depict aesthetic brilliance.
The grand terrace on the first floor is the perfect place for family celebrations. The sprawling lawns on the front and rear would be an excellent place for evening tea. Those interested in gardening have ample space to pursue their hobby. As far as interiors are concerned, the entire Villa is properly ventilated for air & light. Come start a life with style.

    - 4/5 Bedroom with attached toilets
    - Powder Room
    - Kitchen
    - Servant Room (and Bathroom)
    - Dressing Room
    - Drawing Room
    - Living Room
    - Dining Room
    - Entrance Lobby
    - First Floor Guest Lobby
    - Terrace
    - Verandah
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